My Newborn Must Have's

When Marga Tupaz, Editor in Chief of Celebrity Mom asked me to share my newborn must have's I was really thrilled! Before becoming a mom I didn't realize how ESSENTIAL these essentials were. You always hear people say, "you really do not need much" and as much as I try to be a minimalist there are items that have really eased our household's transition through the first year. Clothes wise, I agree that you really do not need much. If you are getting a lot of hand me downs, there's really no need to go shopping unless that's really your thing. Through my experience there are pieces of baby gear that have saved me so much worry and time. The first year for both babies and their primary caregivers is a huge time of transition and we need all the support mentally and physically that we can get. So much change goes on during the first year that it really takes time to adjust to the pace and development of your baby.

Top 10 Baby gear and Accessories

1. I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding my son for the last 11 months and still use my Haakaas every day. Yes that’s right Haakaas, plural, more than 1! I have 5 that I use daily--1 in a diaper bag and 4 on rotation at home since it is used during every feed. Thanks to the Haakaa I was easily able to store breast milk early on and was able to help many babies with my donated frozen breast milk. If I had to do it again, I would even hold off buying an electric pump and just rely on the Haakaa for the first few months of breastfeeding. I have 2 electric pumps but hardly ever use them.*Available at www.milkandhoney.comInstagram @haakaaphilippinesInstagram @milkandhoney

2. Buy a baby carrier with a hip seat that is certified by the International hip dysplasia institute. Hip health is not talked about enough and I often see parents carry their infants the wrong way and it breaks my heart. I have the Bebear aX Foldable Aluminum Hip Seat Carrier that I wish I bought it from day 1. It was very useful for breastfeeding. I found it even more ergonomic to use than a breastfeeding pillow. Make sure to carry your newborn facing your chest until he is the proper weight or age (refer to your carrier’s manual.) Research hip health and hip dysplasia for newborns.

*Available at

Instagram @bebear_ph

3. I found that washing my baby’s bum on a sink was the most hygienic way of cleaning him versus the typical image of a diaper change, which involves a lot of wet wipes. We use wipes when we are on the go but I wash him on the sink when we are at home. It’s easier, cleaner, and better for the environment and your baby’s skin. Wet wipes are not biodegradable and contribute to a lot of our environmental waste. To make sitting on a sink more comfortable for my baby, I purchased the Hippih sink cushion. It allowed me to hold baby with ease without slipping as well as made sure my baby didn’t feel cold when I sat him down on the sink. I later learned I could use the Hippih cushion to easily bathe my newborn in the sink versus a big tub. In the early days when they are so small, you do not need a big tub.

*Available at The Parenting Emporium contact Maricel Cua +639176247246

5. We practice infant potty training and the Mamafrog potty is my favorite potty. We started using it when my baby was about 4 months old. Its cushion is comfortable and soft. My baby feels comfortable in it and it will be used until he is a toddler.

*Available at The Parenting Emporium contact Maricel Cua +639176247246

6. The Wink binder is one thing I wish I purchased pre-birth. When I woke up from my CS operation, the doctors already put on a hospital provided binder. It was a good one but used a Velcro which had a sharp edge that later scraped the legs of my newborns delicate skin. The Wink binder is very comfortable, breathable, and helped me heal faster and get back into shape.

7. I tried a number of swaddles and only the Love to Dream worked for us. These LTD swaddles look funny because the babies look like a starfish with their hands up but it actually supports a baby’s natural ergonomic resting position which is with their arms up and their legs free to move. My son hardly slept longer than 15-30 minutes in the first month. When I started to used the Love to Dream he slept better and longer. I wish I used it since birth, it would have saved me from worrying about my baby getting enough restorative sleep.

8. Choosing the right fabric for your baby is very important. Only use natural fibers that are breathable. Use 100% Cotton or bamboo for clothing and bedding. Linen and Homes make these amazingly soft bamboo sheets and throws. While The Everyday Project has these versatile 5-in-1 swaddles that are amazingly made of soft bamboo material that is naturally anti bacterial and soft to the skin. The swaddles can be used as a breastfeeding cover, swaddle, carrier cover, stroller over, shawl. I use mine as a scarf even when I am not with my baby.

9. When your baby starts to teeth, you will need lots of teething toys simply because they love to drop things and bibs because they will drool A LOT. I found these teether bibs called Neckerchew by UK brand Cheeky Chompers. *Available online at


10. The Beaba Neo was something I did not think I needed until I had one in my kitchen. The Neo is made of glass so I do not have to worry about heating food in plastic. Having the Beaba Neo in the kitchen made me more inspired to cook fresh and health food for my baby but as a bonus my husband and I started eating healthier too. It is so easy and fat to use, easy to clean, and best of all, I went below my post partum weight when I started cooking with the Beaba.

*Available at

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