Should I buy a steam sterilizer with a drying function?

When I was getting ready for my baby to arrive I thought, was a sterilizer really necessary? I'm not exactly a germaphobe and have always felt like our bodies need to have some bacteria to get stronger but what I did not realize was that babies are born with under developed digestive systems. This is why they often need to be burped and feed so often. We need to make sure that everything that comes into contact, especially what they ingest is clean and sterile. Believe me, the last thing you want is a sick newborn.

Next, is a drying function necessary? In my opinion, if your budget can afford one, then it is worth spending a bit more. Although the drying function seems like a luxury I feel that if you keep your bottles moist for a long period of time or use a rag to clean it, then that defeats the purpose of sterilization. Bacteria breeds in moisture.

I gave birth during a very humid summer and I tested a borrowed steam sterilizer without a drying function and my bottles took more than 12 hours to dry. The sterilizer heated up and was warm to touch too so I did not feel that it was very safe (something to think about if you have toddlers in the house.)

In the early days of birth, you wash and go through baby things very rapidly. Suddenly, we were doing laundry daily (we cloth diaper) and washed our bottles and Haakaas all throughout the day. I was feeding almost every hour for the first month so everything was washed and sterilized multiple times a day. For that reason, I think the dry function is a definite time saver and life saver for everyone in the household.

Below is my unboxing and review of the Combi Steam Sterilizer and Dryer.

For the record, I was not paid to do this video nor was I given the sterilizer or anything for free for that matter. I'm just a mom that often stares at this sterilizer at the shops and thought to ask Combi if I could give it a test!

Hope this helps you out!

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