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Be Authentic

May 17, 2018


Today, I hit 38 weeks of pregnancy. I could give birth any day and despite the intense heat and some discomfort I’m in no rush for this little one to come out. I LOVE BEING pregnant.


I love the journey, the love, the lessons, the adventure, the body morphing, the mom support, the pregnancy card, the eating, and most of all, the feeling of being connected to the life that we’ve created. 

About 2 years ago, I found out about my 10cm myoma growing on my uterus and began this journey of self discovery and health. Most important, I discovered that living an authentic life was what I yearned for the most. 

It feels as if the foundation of my pregnancy started then. I went on a body and mind journey and decided to live an AUTHENTIC life—only KEEP and DO things that “Spark Joy.” I have @mariekondo to thank for this simple yet life changing concept. I wanted to live an AUTHENTIC life. I wanted to live a life that was clutter-free not only of things but of thoughts, people, and anything that didn’t feel authentic to me.

📷Sara Black @seethelight.bethelight

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