Hi, I'm Jes and I live in Manila. Ever since I was young, I've always loved to help people. I created this website to share the knowledge that I have.


Early in 2017, I decided to share my health journey on Instagram. Since then, people have been asking me to share my recipes so I've created a website in response. I'm not a chef, I just believe in wholesome living and healing through nutrition.


I decided to take the website one step further and share my knowledge in the 3 aspects of my life; fashion, real estate and health. 

Having a fashion designer as my mom, I grew up in the world of fashion. It was all I knew for a very long time. Currently, I handle the business side of our brand www.tan-gan.com. In addition, I also practice real estate brokerage. Being in the real estate loop is very empowering. Investing early is so important and the key to financial freedom and security. I never dreamt or thought I'd be a real estate broker, but I'm so glad I got my license when I did.


I chanced upon real estate while helping family with leasing their properties. I found myself dealing with unlawful brokers and in very sticky situations. I was determined to know my rights so I took a real estate class. Little did I know that that class lead to taking the real estate brokerage exam. I took the exam, passed and earned my real estate license from the PRC a.k.a. Professional Regulation Commission of the Philippines. Since then, I've joined the brokerage firm, REMAX Capital, and continue to grow in my profession.


Real estate is always buzzing and forever changing. I'm here to share what I know and make real estate as easy to understand as possible. Hopefully I can encourage you to look into the importance of managing your assets and learn the importance in investing your hard earned money in the right places.

Thank you for all the support!!! 


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